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We always provide people a complete solution upon focused of any business.


We always provide people a complete solution upon focused of any business.


We always provide people a complete solution upon focused of any business..


We always provide people a complete solution upon focused of any business.


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We denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms.

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Customers Reviews

Sheila Cooper is a very knowledgeable and professional mortgage broker. Throughout the journey of buying our new house, she was there to answer all of our questions. She was always super helpful, even answering questions after office hours. It was an enjoyable experience to purchase our first house as we trusted Ms. Cooper completely and believed that she would get us our dream home. Thank you so much!

Phulayshwarlall & Kamless Gopaul, December 22, 2023

Sheila is really great to work with, very knowledgeable, easy to talk to. She responds quickly and always great to go to for advice on anything. Buying our first home we didn’t know much about the process etc, and we had some stress along the way, Sheila really went above and beyond, as well as easing frustrations with her calming personality. Definitely will continue to work with her and Centum! Thank you from both of us, Sheila!!

Izabela Bialek

Many thanks to Sheila Cooper for her expertise and knowledge! I am grateful for her advice and enjoyed working with her on my mortgage details. Throughout the process, I knew exactly what was required each step of the way and she offered sound financial advice in addition to completing all required paperwork in a timely manner. Much appreciated! I would highly recommend Sheila Cooper if you require assistance in re-financing or mortgage planning.

Terry McMaster

Exceptional service! Sheila was available for any questions, big or small. Her advice and expertise made our first home purchase very smooth. She goes above and beyond and really cares for her clients, we would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home!

Jory Mullin

We worked with Sheila Cooper on our mortgage, she knows the business very well and helped us so much along the way! This the the second time I’ve worked with Sheila as a broker and i will continue to do so! Highly recommend her!

Kyle Fisher

I was referred to Sheila Cooper as a first-time home buyer. I am so glad I had the chance to work with her as she is not only knowledgable, but very personable and she will happily answer every question you have. She provided many pieces of advice and helped me find a great rate. I would absolutely recommend her!

Jasmine Bajus

Sheila is friendly, professional and extremely knowledgable. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I could not be more pleased with my experience working with her!

Jodie Reeves, August 2023

Sheila was very helpful getting my mortgage set up. She was informative and flexible and I was very impressed with her dedication to getting me the best interest rate possible.

Lauren Boyle, August 2023

Thank you so much for everything you did for us. You have no idea how much stress in my life that you and your company have taken away from me. As well, you made everything so easy with all of the paperwork. Again, Thank you. In stressful times it’s such a relief to deal with a company who doesn’t make you jump through hoops and is a help to people rather than a hindrance. Anyone we have spoken to lately who is looking at buying a house or renewing their mortgages, I have highly recommended that they contact you or your company to deal with.  Again, Thank you very much.

Ann Lillie
Ann Lillie

Thank you so much Sheila, you helped me to buy first home in Canada. It was big work for you, thank you ! I know it was hard to work with immigrant, but your attention and patience gave me a chance to buy the home for our family. God bless you.

Vasyl Marchuk

Sheila was tremendous help when I was looking to get a mortgage. I was totally in a bind and I only had a week to secure a mortgage so when I called she was able to get me a great deal and sort out all of the fine details is a very short time frame. She was always their either on the phone or through emails keeping me in the loop and ensured that I got the best possible deal. I would recommend Sheila in a heart beat to anyone who was looking for a mortgage she is truly out for the little guy thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.

Wallace Ricks

We are very happy that we chose Sheila to help us out with our mortgage. She was extremely helpful from the start, and worked very hard to get us a fantastic rate. She was always very quick to respond to emails and messages, and was very clear with all the details right from the start. Thanks Sheila!

Brad Wlasiuk

Sheila did a very good job helping us buy our first house. She was able to answer all of our questions and left us feeling confident and knowledgeable. Sheila was always very easy to get a hold of via text, email or calling and worked around our busy schedule. We were under an extremely tight timeline and she got everything processed and done very quick! Very good experience and would not change a thing. Thanks!

Richard Smith

We would like to thank Sheila for all the help, advice and effort you put in despite us giving a very short period of time to get our first home. You did an excellent job and we will highly recommend you to anyone. Cheers!

Myra & Jaime

Sheila worked diligently to get a very competitive rate from a major lender. She had excellent strategies to overcome some challenges that arose during the deal, Thank you Sheila!

Karl Menzies

Sheila is very friendly, sincere, understanding and certainly goes the extra mile to accomplish your requests. She is very professional and a definite asset to the team!

Rhonda B

Working with Sheila was a great experience. She made it so easy for us. We went to her to get an idea of the procedure to follow to buy a house and of course her being awesome at what she does, we found ourselves being home owners in a matter of weeks. We sure will recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Sheila for what u did for our family, We couldn’t have done it without you. U R AMAZING. Keep up the good work ????????

Joseph & Marie R

We were so happy with the late meetings and the phone calls just to keep us in the loop. We recommend Sheila to anyone who needs a hand with the big move of buying a home!

Annillee & Boris G

SHEILA COOPER I CHOSE TO APPLY FOR A MORTGAGE WITH CENTUM MORTGAGE BECAUSE OF THE LOWERING INTEREST RATE THAN WHAT MY BANK WOULD GIVE ME. SHEILA was great to work with, efficient, friendly & fast. I felt very comfortable & relaxed working with her. I had only 2 weeks to close the deal & SHEILA made that happen!! I would recommend SHEILA to anyone wishing to apply for a mortgage!! GO SHEILA!!!

Karen A

We were very happy we chose Sheila to help us purchase our first home. She is friendly and very supportive. She was always available to answer our questions and is very personable. Sheila made this stressful process as easy as she possibly could and we appreciate all the time and care she put into helping us accomplish our dream of home ownership. She is the best!!!

Michelle & Noah H

Sheila was absolutely incredible and went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. This is A+ Customer service and would recommend Her to everyone looking for a mortgage.

Jonathan Waldner

I just got a job at Brandon University, and had about 4 days to travel to Brandon from Toronto and purchase a home. It was daunting, to say the least. Sheila was there every step of the way. She helped me get financing, and made it easy. Honestly, I think she worked harder than I did! Sheila made my home purchase enjoyable and easy. I would highly recommend her services!

Patty Douglas

Sheila answered all questions I had in a manner that was clear and made sense. She was very professional, but made you feel more like a friend than a client. Sheila went out of her way to work around my schedule and even after the sale she followed up, offered advise and made sure I didn’t forget anything. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Dan M

We recently purchased our home and Sheila made it seem so quick and easy! She went above and beyond, making herself available at all hours to make sure that we had all our documents in order and were never left wondering what the next step would be. We are so grateful for all her help and guidance!

H & K

My fiancé and I just bought our first home and Sheila was referred to us by our realtor. Sheila provided us with the support and information that we needed, she found us the best rate and couldn’t have been anymore helpful. She walked us through step by step, which is what a first home buyer needs. Thank you again Sheila

Sabrina N.

Sheila Cooper was a very pleasant person to work with & she was able to get us a very good rate. It was a pleasant and stress free experience. We would highly recommend her to others.

N & S

I had received my renewal on my current mortgage and the rate was very high. I was referred to Sheila by a friend and she was able to line me up with something at a much lower rate thus saving me thousands over the term and well over $200 a month on my payment. Not only did I save thousands of dollars and extra monthly money in my pocket but the process was also seamless and the customer service was exceptional. Sheila went above and beyond to help me and I would highly recommend her in a heartbeat! Thanks again Sheila, you are great at what you do – a true magician!

Mike S.

After dealing with the bank for our first mortgage, we were left with a bad taste in our mouths. When looking at our new home, our realtor referred us to Sheila, and what a referral it was!! Sheila explained everything required of us, in detail, so we knew exactly what to expect, processed all paperwork amazingly fast and kept us in the loop with any and all updates from the lender. Although I can only imagine how much work is involved with each mortgage she processes, she seemed to do it so effortlessly! Our schedules required us to meet up outside of “regular” hours, which was never a problem; she was always available by text, email or phone. Sheila was more than accommodating for our family, which we so very much appreciated. By the end of the whole process, we felt more like friends than her clients. (We even received birthday cards in the mail!) Buying a new home can be an exhausting and overwhelming process, but Sheila made the financials a breeze to deal with. Thank you so much Sheila! You are amazing!!

Darla & Colin R

We were first time home buyers and were referred to Sheila by our realtor. She provided us with the information and support we needed every step of the way. She found us a great rate and was always available to answer questions. Thanks for all the help Sheila and making this a positive first home buying experience!

Nathan & Jenna Switzer

Sheila was referred to us by our relator when purchasing our first home, which we lucked out on! Sheila was a tremendous help to us in so many ways, from answering our many questions we had about the process and how the mortgage works. She was so patient with us and always took the time to explain what everything was, which reassured us about all our decisions we made. Her organization made the process as smooth as possible and helped keep us on track with what we needed to do. Her texts with updates throughout everything kept us in the loop so we always knew what was going on and her willingness to meet whenever we had questions or concerns always made us feel she always had our best interests in mind. Thank- you so much Sheila for everything you did for us when purchasing our first home, we are so happy we got to work with you and have you for whenever we have questions/concerns in regards to our mortgage! Such a great experience and we are happy we had your name referred to us!

Dustin & Amanda

Sheila is an accountable and excellent mortgage broker. She always responses my any question in detail as soon as possible. We are so lucky to have her help us to get lowest mortgage rate as we expected. We will continue to recommend her to our friends.

Jie Yang

With all the excitement and fears of trying to buy a house, Sheila was awesome at keeping things down to earth and positive. Excellent with communication and expectations, and was a pleasure to work with. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks for all your help Sheila.

Scott & Deann

Huge thank you goes out to Sheila Cooper! Could not have asked for anyone better to help guide and assist us in buying our first home. From being able to work with our hectic work schedules, to answering questions that I thought I should have maybe already known…Sheila explained everything thoroughly in a way that was understandable, and did everything in such a timely fashion while keeping us updated on everything. Honestly made first time home buying much less stressful than anticipated. I would recommend Sheila to absolutely anyone looking to purchase a home. Not enough thank-you’s can be given to her!

Amy & Derek

In our experience, we went from thinking we were going to be renting to purchasing our home not more than 8 days later. Sheila made us feel like we were her only clients and helped us every step of the way. She offered advise and guidance on which mortgage was right for us, answered any questions along the `looking` phase of our home buying and once we picked one that was right for us we blinked and the financing was through! She was incredible beyond all of our expectations. Highly recommend!!!

Jill Monica

Thank you Sheila for your amazing help! You are one of the main reason for me and my wife to have our first home..something that we won’t forget!!!

Doncho Georgiev

We would like to thank Sheila for everything she did for us in helping make our first home purchase as smooth as possible. Sheila went above and beyond all our expectations and found an answer to any question we posed. The entire process went perfectly, due to the patience and diligence of Sheila. I would, and will highly recommend Centum Mortgage to all my friends and family who may be looking for a mortgage. An amazing experience!

V & R Marek

Sheila Cooper has been our broker for several years. She helped us transition from our bank mortgage (saving us a LOT of money), and into our new home. She is thorough when explaining options and truly cares about getting her clients exactly what they need. We appreciate all of Sheila’s hard work and amazing service. It’s a no-brainer that we will continue to trust her with our mortgage and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personalized experience. Thank you, Sheila!

Jon & Jamie

Sheila Cooper is a very professional and knowledgeable mortgage broker. Our first home purchasing experience went very smoothly thanks to her if a problem presented she knew how to solve it or she knew which way to go to find its solution. Her regular communication skills guided us through the whole process and steps of purchasing a house. She knows her job and what she is doing. We were really lucky and grateful to have such a trustworthy person helping in the largest purchase of our life. Thanks 110%.

Briseyda & Mario
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